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Ready To Experience London?

The History. The Art. The Locals.

And Don't Forget:

The Castles, The West End Theatre,

The Royals, The Parks, The Shopping,

The FREE Museums









London City Guide














Use This Handy Map To Choose Your Neighborhoods.







What's In Each Neighborhood Guide.

 Free Museums & Activities Links

Lodging Suggestions That Save You Money

Tube Station List, Map Links & Travel Time Guide

Neighborhood Street Market Suggestions

 Sightseeing Options to Budget for and/or Pre-Book

 Resources for Teachable Moments.

Each London Guide Comes Packed With
3 Awesome Bonuses!

Bonus 1:

Keep Calm with Just a Carry-On

You can fit it all in a carry-on.

11 Tips to pack like a pro.

Bonus 2:

Planning 101

A step-by-step family travel planning guide with tips on lodging, food, activities, and transportation.

Bonus 3:

with Kids

All the details your family needs for the adventure of a lifetime. My 3-part blog series.





The London
City Guide
For Families


Choose Your Neighborhood

Set Your Budget

Pick Your Activities

Plan Your Time


Eat. Sleep. Rinse. Repeat.


Daily Expenses Sample Using the London City Guide*

Lodging - House Sit Annual Membership  $111 (89 GBP)     

DIY Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner @ "home" $63 (50 GBP)

Basic Transport $38 (30GBP)

Sightseeing FREE

Approximate Family Daily Budget = $212 the first day

Then only $111 a day!

Typical Daily Expenses Sample*

Lodging $189 (150 GBP)

Budget Meals $125 (100 GBP)

Basic Transport $25 (20 GBP)

Budget Sightseeing $101 (80GBP)



Approximate Minimum Family Daily Budget

$440 (350GBP)













The Bonus

#1 Keep Calm with
Just a Carry-on

#2 Planning 101

#3 London with Kids


The 9 Neighborhood Guides






City of London

The West End



The Amazing Savings

I'll show you how I've saved money on London lodging, food and activities. Make the best choice for your family and start saving!

The Best of London's Neighborhoods

Street Markets

Sightseeing Activities


Lodging Suggestions

Tube, Train & Bus Tips

Parks & Palaces





Staying 5+ Days?

*The London City Guide can help you plan a low-budget,  5-day stay for well under $1,000 ($640 to be exact)!

This budget slashes food and lodging costs without sacrificing family fun.

*Typical "We're-on-a -Budget" expenses for 5 days would be about $2200.

The London City Guides will help you spend your money wisely, and experience the best London has to offer no matter your budget.




* Prices based on April 2017 exchange rate & a family of four consisting of 2 adults, 1 student (1/2 price for some fees) & 1 child often free admission (but not always). GBP =  British Sterling Pound. Taxes not included.